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Zoiper For Mac Os

Installation instructions

Activating the Zoiper License: (Zoiper Business Edition Only)

If you are using Zoiper Business Edition, an activation screen will appear on the first startup. Please fill in the email address you used to purchase Zoiper as the 'username field'. You can find the password in the mail that was sent to you directly after your purchase.

This blog post helps you in installing ZoiPer5 on Mac OSX and also configure it to work with your DoorVaani account. Please refer to the screen shots and follow the annotations made on those screen shots. If you don’t have a DoorVaani account yet, please register for free here to create one. Your report has been escalated to the dev team. We will contact you when the new build of Zoiper 5 for Mac OS X is ready. Answered: Using Beta for V5. 5.0.32330 on Mac OSX 10.8.5. App crashes during launch. Below is the text from crash reporter.

Activate online

If your computer is connected to the Internet, you can activate your copy of Zoiper automatically by clicking on the Activate online button. Zoiper will contact our licensing server and download the needed license files.

If your computer requires the use of a manually configured http proxy server, zoiper will automatically use the proxy as configured in the mac os X preferences.

Activate offline

If your computer is not connected to the Internet or a firewall is blocking access to our licensing server, the “Activate offline” - button can be used. Clicking on the button will generate a file that contains some details that are unique for your computer and the version of Zoiper that you are trying to register. The filename contains the name of your computer. It will look like this:

Open your file browser (Finder);

Select Go -> Go to Location and open this location:

Send an email with the PCNAME.certificate file attached to [email protected];

Close the instructions window.

Our server will send you a file named certificate. Please place it next to the PCNAME.certificate file and start your Zoiper. Note that the certificate file needs no extension.

Silent installers for mass deployments.

If you would like to install Zoiper without the need for user interaction, but with a progress indicator, use these command line options to the zoiper installer. (You will need to adjust the name based on the installer you are using).

Activation errors

In case the username and or password is incorrect, an error message will be shown and the application will exit. Please restart the application and try again.

If all went fine, this notice should appear, you are now ready to use the application


Configure Microphone and Speaker

Zoiper comes with a built-in Audio Wizard for easy configuration of your microphone and Speaker.

You may access this Audio Wizard by:

  • Clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom right
  • Clicking on the Settings menu in Zoiper and selecting Audio Wizard

Zoiper will configure your Speakers first.

Click on the “start the test” – button.

If your speakers are configured and connected properly, you should hear a ringing sound. If you do, please click on the Yes button and move on to the Microphone step.

If no ringing sound was heard, please make sure your speakers are connected properly and powered on and if needed change the selected audio device on the bottom of the page to a different one and try again by clicking on the “no” – button.

Click on the “Test your microphone” – button to start recording your voice.

Zoiper for mac os 10.13

If the selected microphone is connected properly, you should see the volume meter move when speaking into the microphone. If the volume meter is not moving, please check your cabling and make sure the proper audio device is selected in the Device section on the bottom of the page.

Configuring a SIP, IAX or XMPP account

Zoiper For Mac Os High Sierra

Now that the audio devices are configured, it is time to move on to the configuration of the server you want to use. This could be a VoIP provider, your office PBX or a public XMPP provider such as Facebook.

Click on the Settings menu and select “create a new account”.

Account Type

A new page will appear to select the type of account you want to make. This will usually be SIP, unless your VoIP provider or system administrator instructed you otherwise

Zoiper for mac os recovery tool

Select the type of account you want to configure and click on the “Next” – button.

Tip: Please visit http://oem.zoiper.com for more information on how to make things easier for your users by providing them with a preconfigured or preprovisioned Zoiper. This will bypass all tedious configuration tasks for the end user and will allow the user to make calls immediately after the installation.


Your provider or system administrator should have provided you with a username, password and possibly a hostname.

Fill in the username on the first line and the password on the second line.

If your administrator provider you with a domain, proxy, registrar, hostname, outbound proxy or server field, please fill enter it on the last line.

Fill in the username on the first line and the password on the second line. The username could look like:




The password will typically be a random string, usually with a combination of lowercase and uppercase characters and some number like:

This field will typically look like:


or in case of a PBX might look like:

Account name

Zoiper For Mac Os High Sierra

Please enter a name to identify this account; you are free to give it any name of your liking.

When you are done, click on the “next” – button. Zoiper will now try to figure out the best way to connect to the VOIP server.


Zoiper for mac os high sierra

In case the account wizard is unable to automatically configure your account, this could be due to a variety of reasons.

Zoiper For Mac Os 10.13

Most common reasons are:

  • The server hostname does not exist or is incorrect.
  • The username or password is incorrect.
  • The server is not responding or a firewall is blocking the access.
  • The account needs additional configuration to register

Zoiper Download Mac Os X

Please verify the information you have entered and try again.

Zoiper For Mac Os Versions

If you are sure the information are correct and want to save the information and want to complete the configuration manually, click on “I know what I am doing, save this information anyway”.

Zoiper For Mac Os Versions

See also Preferences -> Accounts.