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  2. World Of Tanks For Macbook Pro

So I have a new Mac I'm looking to install WoT on, but given the game is massive compared to my small HDD (84Gb free memory total) I can't fit it on the hard-drive.

I'd like to install it on an external HDD, especially as I don't know how often I'll actually get to play the game. I found this video: which seemed like exactly what I needed.

World Or Tanks For Mac

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World of tanks for mac os x

The problem is that video is clearly outdated, and the lines for the installation folder in don't match up with those in the video.

World of tanks blitz for mac

Can anyone point out how I actually go about changing the install path on a Mac?

World of tanks for macbook

World Of Tanks For Macbook Pro


Many thanks.

World Of Tanks For Macbook Pro