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Twitterrific for Mac is making a big comeback with all kinds of awesome new features, but it needs your support! Help bring back one of the best Twitter clients on desktop by making a pledge. Twitterrific for Mac received a new update on Tuesday, adding a host of new features and improvements including the ability to quickly search for a user, restoration of Searches and Lists between. Twitterrific feels right at home on the Mac. Support for Notification Center, Retina displays, built-in sharing, beautiful animations, full-screen mode & more. Re-imagined from the ground up to be the Mac’s most friendly, powerful and modern Twitter client. Twitterrific makes Twitter fun.

What's everyone saying?

Ethan Marcotte

“I couldn’t use Twitter without Twitterrific.”

Ethan Marcotte — @beep

John Siracusa

“Twitterrific’s unified timeline matches the way I think about Twitter: a single, chronological stream of tweets, regardless of type. The fact that Twitterrific is also a great Twitter client with all the other features you’d expect—including separate views for mentions, DMs, etc.—is just icing on the cake.”

John Siracusa — @siracusa


Michael Lopp

“A daily corner of my desktop feels revitalized.”

Michael Lopp — @rands

Manuel Alejandro López Zarzosa

“Now I can finally use the best client on all my devices!”

Manuel Alejandro López Zarzosa — @manuelale69

Alex Waddell

Twitterrific Mac Review

“I’ve been an active participant in the Phoenix Kickstarter beta and I’m delighted with the final app. Its elegant features, combined with lot of great UI touches, make Twitter a delight to use on the Mac again.”

Alex Waddell — @alexwaddell

Daniel Jalkut

“It's exciting to see the very first Twitter client being rethought in 2017 as the very newest one.”

Daniel Jalkut — @danielpunkass

Brent Simmons

“I switched immediately. It was like coming home.”

Brent Simmons — @brentsimmons

Seth Roby

“Twitterrific makes Twitter simple, fun, and quick. Thank you for bringing it back to the Mac, where I still spend most of my days.”

Seth Roby — @TALlama

“Twitterrific has the potential to make bored users fall in love with Twitter all over again.”

Christine Preusler —

“My favorite Twitter client.”

Twitterrific Mac Shortcuts

Robyn Oglesby — MacSources


“Features the same finesse that we’ve seen in Twitterrific for iOS, but at the same time, also leverages all the features offered by macOS.”


Preshit Deorukhkar — Beautiful Pixels

“The Iconfactory has given users a high degree of control over how Twitterrific looks within a clean, easy-to-read design.”


John Voorhees — MacStories

“Packs a ton of features into the new app...fantastic keyboard and accessibility support, delightful sounds, and a few nostalgic Easter eggs from past incarnations.”

Twitterrific For Mac

Chris De Jabet — Full City Press

Twitterrific 5 For Mac

“The app delivers a good handful of features Mac users will like.”

Sarah Perez — TechCrunch

Twitterrific For Mac

“Finally, a modern desktop Twitter client that not only looks amazing and performs, but offers all the features you would expect. So relieved to have Twitterrific resurrected!”

Twitterrific Mac App Store

R.C. Rains — @shadowbottle