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This can also be the case if you just upgraded your old Mac to the latest version of Mac OS. Without these icons, browsing for files stored on these drives or network locations can be annoyingly. Get free icons of Mac os in iOS style for your design. The free images are pixel perfect and available in png and vector. Download icons in all formats or edit them for your designs. As well, welcome to check new icons and popular icons. Open a new Finder window from the OS X Desktop and hit Command+Shift+G (or go to the “Go”.

How much ever Apple tried to show that things are very different in the operating systems that run the Mac, and the one that runs the smartphones and tablet, people won’t adjust to them easily after such a revamp. The design for Mac OS X, given by Jony Ive, has got quite a lot of changes but for those who wanted to have the iOS 6 – like icons and feel can still have them with a few icons which would at least do the job for now.

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MacThe Icons For Mac Os

A designer at Deviantart, named “iynque” has done some good work with the icons designing and he has put up the Mac OS X icons which resemble the one that are available in the iOS 7. It’s the set named “iOS 7 Icons” and is made available on DeviantArt, and it is made using the Icon Customization app named CandyBar. It is a tool which makes it easier to convert the icons and replace your iconset with a single click.

For those who aren’t aware, Apple has launched the update to the Mac OS X, with the OS X Mavericks being announced recently at the WWDC 2013, and the changes as always have been well accepted by many users, while some criticized it too. For a change, you can try out these icons which could give your Mac OS a fresher look.

How to Install the Mac OS X Icon Pack?

You need to head over to the following links to download the icon packs and the Panic for Candybar to get the stuff happening.
Panic for CandyBar
Download the Icon Pack – Click here.

Includes .ICNS (Mac), .ico (Windows), .PNG (Android), and an iContainer for CandyBar

Following are the apps whose icons are available:

Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Weather, Clock, Maps, Videos, Notes, Reminders, Stocks, Game Center, Game Center alt 2, Newsstand, iTunes Store, App Store, Compass, Passbook, Settings, Phone, Mail, Safari, Music, FaceTime, Contacts, Calculator, Smart Folder, Burnable Folder, System Folder, Downloads Folder, Library Folder, Users Folder, Developer Folder, Internal Disk, Time Machine Disk, Trash Empty, Trash Full – Managed, Trash Full, Finder, Applicons, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, FontExplorer X, Time Machine, CandyBar, Misc Design, Design Briefs, Idea Stuff, Idea Stuff alt, Drop Stuff, Gemini, Preview, doo, Monosnap, EasyFind, Ein, LaCie Rugged, LaCie FA Porsche, CoBook, Calendar (blank), Calendar, Cloud App, RSS Notifier, Twitter, Dictionary.

In macOS, one of the easiest ways to launch any application is through the Dock bar which is at the bottom of the screen by default. You can quickly open the app from there or access related options through the context menu.

When you click on the app icon to launch the application, you will notice that there’s a bounce animation effect on the screen, highlighting the icon of the app that you just clicked to open.

If you are not into this, you can disable this animation effect. In this quick step-by-step guide, we will show you how to disable the bounce effect when clicking an icon on the Dock bar on your Mac system.


Disable macOS Dock icon bounce effect

Step 1: First of all, click the Apple logo in the top-left corner on your device’s screen and from the drop-down options, select System Preferences.


Step 2: Now, in the System Preferences window, select the option Dock.

Step 3: In the Dock preferences screen, untick the checkbox that says “Animate opening applications.”

Mac Os Icons For Windows 10

Now, whenever you click on any of the icons from the Dock bar on your macOS system, there won’t be the bouncing animation. Do note that this just stops the animation and there’s no effect in the duration of opening or loading the application.