Sims 3 Cracked For Mac

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So uh. Not everyone who uses a No-CD crack is a bad person, honest. I use one. I’m on a Macbook Air, and I do not have an optical drive. My fiance does, and I use it to install the games, but I will not carry it everywhere I go, and be forced to connect it each time I go to play. This is an issue that I kinda sorta really care about, and I hate how it’s such a red flag about piracy for everyone. I have proof I didn’t pirate my games- I have an actual account with all games registered. Go figure.

Anyway, I was on this board for finding stuff, and I saw this chick asking for help with a No CD crack for her mac. Of course, I answered. The thread was deleted before she ever saw it, not surprised. So I PM’d her the directions, and she thinks it sounds difficult. Well, it isn’t. Here’s how. (I’m on a Mac, so this is a Mac-based tutorial. I may move on to make one for the PC, but I may not. Who knows.)

Step One. Download – it’s a .package file, and it goes into your Documents > Electronic Arts > Mods > Packages folder. I’ll discuss that another time. You can find plenty of tutorials on that, and for setting up framework.

Now. Go into your Applications folder. There should be a folder with the name The Sims 3. Click that.

Please tell me I don’t need to go and highlight the folder.

Anyway. This is my Sims 3 folder.

You’re going to right click on the Sims 3, and hit ‘View Package Contents’.

Now, you’re going to see a folder called Contents. Just click through it.

Yes, I’m cropping out the majority of the folder. I swear, I don’t have anything else in there.

Sims 3 For Mac Download

So, this is what your Contents folder should look like.

We are looking at the Info.Plist file. That’s between Frameworks and MacOS.

Copy that folder onto your desktop. Seriously. Do it now. Do not read on unless you’ve done that.

Did it? Good. Let’s continue.

Sims Free Mac

Open up that file. It’ll open in TextEdit. Let it. That’s good. It’ll look like this.

It’s telling the game that when you open it with the icon, it’ll open the Launcher, and we don’t want that. You can’t use the mod we’re using if you do that.

Sims 3 Cracked For Mac

So change it to this.

See? Barely touched anything.

Now, you might want to save that. That change we just made tells the game to open from the actual program, which is what we want. I want you to highlight that file we just made once you saved it. I want you to make sure you know that it’s the one that’ll let your game run.

Sims 3 Cracked For Mac

Remember that copied file on your desktop? We’re gonna use it now! Yay! So, before moving it back, I suggest you name it Infos or something of the sort. The extra letter makes it so the game doesn’t need it, it’ll just sit there until you need it. You’ll need that file if you want to install things through the Launcher, or even open it at all.

So, that’s my folder, with the changes made and all. See how one is highlighted, and one isn’t? How one has an extra letter? That’s what I mean.

And that is how you are able to play your game disc free.

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