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If you own a modern Mac, there is a screen recorder built-in the QuickTime Player X app. QuickTime can record whatever you have displayed on screen, including video playing on websites.

On the PowerPoint ribbon, on the Playback tab, do the following, as needed. Determine when the audio clip should start playing: In the Start list, select Automatically or When Clicked. To play an audio clip continuously until stopped (rather than just playing once), select Loop Until Stopped. (Used alone, this option means the looping sound lasts while the slide it resides on is being shown. Steps to Select Voice Input and Record Audio on Mac using GarageBand App: In order to select Voice Input Source for Audio Recording on Mac, you need to go to following menu options: GarageBandPreferencesAudioDevices. If you are using built-in microphone of your Mac then choose “Built-in Microphone” as the Audio Input Source.

VoiceRecorder Voice For Mac

Voice Memos User Guide

With Voice Memos, use your Mac as a recording device. To record voice memos on Mac, use the built-in microphone, a supported headset, or an external mic. You can listen to your voice memos on any device where you’re signed in using the same Apple ID and Voice Memos is turned on in iCloud preferences. See Set up iCloud.

Best Voice Recorder For Mac

Best voice recorder for mac
  1. In the Voice Memos app on your Mac, click the Record button (or use the Touch Bar).

  2. To pause, click the Pause button . To continue, click Resume.

  3. When you finish, click Done in the lower-right corner.

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Your recording is saved with the name of your location (if “Location-based naming” is selected in preferences) or with the name “New Recording.”

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Digital Voice Recorder For Mac

After a recording is saved, you can select it to play or make edits, such as renaming or trimming.

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