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Do you have a video that you want to upload to a site such as YouTube? You may have noticed that raw video files no matter what they are MP4 file formats, especially HD video, can run several gigabytes in size. While you can upload large files to YouTube and Vimeo, this can take a very long time. Also, these services will compress your file once it is uploaded, and often the results are not very high quality. In that case, compressing your video yourself is the best way to allow you to control both the size and the quality. This article can assist you to discuss how to reduce or compress your MP4 file size for better uploading or playback on Windows and Mac.

Part 1: What're the basic parameters affect the size of a MP4 video?

  • Free online MP4 compressor. Compress video files to a target file size or bitrate. Change the video codec between H.254 and H.256 to gain more compression. Compress multiple files at once.
  • Video Compressor for Mac. $2.99 Anand Mac Version 2.1 Full Specs. Visit Site External Download Site. Publisher's Description. A QuickTime compatible.mp4 gets created.

Mp4 Compressor For Mac Pro

Wondershare UniConverter. Wondershare UniConverter is the best video compression software.

For those of you who just need the settings, here are our basic recommendations what to use when compressing MP4 video (where the original is 1920 x 1080 pixels) for upload to the web:

  • Format MP4 (file extension .mp4)

  • Video

    Codec: H264 (High profile)

    Frame Rate: 24, 25 or 30 (Constant)

    Frame Size / Resolution: 1280 x 720 (720p)

    Fields: Progressive

    Bitrate: 5,000 – 10,000 kbit/s

  • Audio

    Codec: AAC-LC

    Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

    Sample Rate: 44.100 OR 48,000 kHz (retain original sample rate)

See, one complete video must includes the file formats, codec, frame rate etc. that means, revising any one of them will brings changes in output size and quality. For example, if you start with a 10 minute video, and choose 5000 kbit/s video bitrate and the settings above, the file-size of your compressed video will be about 400 MB. If you choose 10,000 kbit/s your file-size will be about 775 MB. You can use this guide to estimate how big your video will be - if your video is twice as long i.e. 20 minutes, it will be double this size i.e. about 1.5GB.

Part 2: How to reduce or compress MP4 file size for better playback on Windows & Mac while keep its original quality?

Way 1. Perfectly compress MP4 video size with Dimo Video Converter Ultimate

To skip to a simple tutorial with Handbrake or Windows Movie Maker on how to compress MP4 file size greatly and quickly, try our guide with using Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Windows or Mac - this stylish and intuitive MP4 compressor - is highly recommended. If there's no format of any concern, it's advised to convert H.264/MPEG-4/H.265 MP4 to WMV or FLV to reduce MP4 file size for smooth delivering or sharing. Although H.264 is the best codec for MP4 compression, converting MP4 to other format with smaller file size is workable. FLV and WMV formats are considerable, especially FLV (for uploading to web).

people have downloaded it

1. Download and install this perfect MP4 compressor and reducer- Dimo Video Converter Ultimate - on your computer, then start it. After that, click 'Add File' to import MP4 files or simply just drag and drop directly into the primary window.

2. Choose the video format as you want, such as H.265 MP4 as the output format, to give an instance. The program presets 'Select Format' option (on the right side of the user interface) for each format and device. So you don't need to know suitable parameters to get the best size and quality.

Here lists some common used formats:


Pros: One of the most common formats compressed with a wide variety of codecs; Compatible with many media players.

Cons: It is too large to compress


Pros: A tightly compressed format that requires a minimal amount of storage space; Have 2x better compression than MPEG-4; Good choice for video email and storage on your hard disk.

Cons: Have bad compatibility with non-windows platforms, like iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.


Pros: A suitable format for web video. It's workable to compress MP4 to smaller FLV for web upload.

Cons: It's expensive and time consuming to create an FLV content.; Longer wait time to access a web page with Flash.


Pros: Open-source; supports menus for the inclusion of audio tracks in different languages;

Cons: Not universal across all media players and devices; Usually come with larger file size up to 40GB

3. Click 'Start' to convert MP4 video to smaller sized FLV, WMV.

Tips: Here's a suggestion: Select output format in this order: H265(HEVC) > VP9 > H264/AVC(1) > DivX > MPEG4 > MPEG2/1 > XviD. For the same video file, compression ratio for H.265 is better than other encoders (formats). Besides, this file size converter can compress videos without losing quality in batch, which will save a lot of time.

Way 2. Shrink MP4 file size by adjusting MP4 video parameters

Mp4 Compressor For Mac Osx

As the variables mentioned as above to impact MP4 file size depending on the following elements: codec, compress bit rate, resolution and the container or codec. So, if you were quite familiar with video and/or internet technology, resetting MP4 file size parameters will make sense, especially for those who have been filmmakers or video editors will understand a bit about video and audio files, and how they work.

Mp4 Compressor For Mac
  • Resolution: The lower width * height/resolution is, the smaller MP4 video will be. (with other parameters unchanged)
  • Bit rate: Setting lower bit rate can achieve smaller video size. But please don't make it too low, otherwise the image quality can be really bad. Such as, for SD MP4 video, use a bit rate between 2,000-5,000 kbps. 720P video should have a bit rate between 5,000-10,000 kbps. 1080P video should have a bit rate of 10,000-20,000 kbps.
  • Framerate: The lower frame rate, the smaller size you will get, and vice versa. You can set it at 23.97fps to lower the file size of MP4 before compression.

With Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, you're able to stay MP4 format unchanged and resize your MP4 files by adjusting its encoder, bitrate, resolution, frame rate, etc.

Just drag different videos to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate > Select compression 'Setting' and then drag the control-item to your wanted file size. You can see the compression ratio of all video files is changing. For example, you can set resolution as 320*240,480*272,480*368, or 640*480 as per your needs. Lower parameters usually mean small video size, but also lower video quality.

Way 3. Reduce MP4 file size by trimming or cropping unwanted parts from video

This is a conservative way to compress MP4 video by cutting unnecessary part off, by using the build-in crop tool in Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, you can remain less video content with the original quality, or cropping annoying black bars for playback video in full screen without changing any parameters. Besides, you can preview the output video at the same time before you make any decision.

Just import MP4 video to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for MP4 editing: Click 'Editor' > 'Trim' > 'OK' and then take off the unwanted titles or credits from the raw MP4 file.

Which one are you interested in? Still run into trouble to compress MP4 File size for smoothly playback or uploading? Please feel free to Email Us to let us know what kinds of problems you're having with opening or using the MP4 file and we'll see what we can do to help.

by Brian Fisher • Feb 24,2020 • Proven solutions

To shrink MP4 videos to make them easy to share over mail and the internet, a number of free tools are available. If expert features are not required, these free programs are decent enough to compress your files in basic quality. MP4 compressor free desktop and online tools are available. Depending on your requirements you can pick the most suitable one.

Part 1. Top 8 Free MP4 Compressors

Listed below are the top 8 free tools to compress MP4 videos.

#1. Windows Movie Maker

This is free to use MP4 compressor that comes pre-installed with Windows Vista, XP, and Me version of the software. Users with Windows 7 and above OS can download the program for free. Using the app, the MP4 files can be easily compressed to a smaller size without altering the original file quality as it features optimization of the process. With a simple interface, the app can be used by all types of users. Other popular video formats like WMV, MOV, AVI, ASF, and others are also supported by the app for compression and other functions. Mp4 compressor free download is available on the site.

Mp4 Compressor For Mac

#2. VSDC Video Converter

This free MP4 compressor supports an array of features like video compression, video conversion, video editing, and others. All popular file formats and codecs like MP4, AVI, MOV, ASF, 3GP, and others are supported by the program. The added files can be compressed and reduced in size by changing their format, removing unwanted parts and also editing the file parameters. The app comes with an array of configuration settings and is apt for compressing MP4 and other files to be played on mobile devices, gaming devices, and iPods.

Compress Mp4 For Mac

#3. Any Video Converter

The freeware is available for download on Windows and Mac system and supports an array of functions including MP4 video compression. More than 100 formats as input and 160 formats as output are supported by the tool. The file compression can be done by changing the file to different formats. You can even convert your files to MP3 audio that can be easily played on portable devices. The process takes place at fast speed and without compromising on the quality.

#4. Freemake Video Converter

File compression is simple and quick using this free MP4 compressor software. With support to file conversion between 500 formats, the software ensures that the quality of the file is not compromised during the process. The added files can be converted to a smaller size format as well as formats that are compatible with iPhone, Android, and other devices. In addition to the video, audio files can also be compressed. Simple interface and editing options are the additional features of the program.

#5. PS2PDF

This is an online compression tool that allows compressing your MP4 files in lossless quality. No software download or installation is needed as the program operates from your browser window. Files to be compressed can be added from PC, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Variable or Constant bit rate can be selected as needed from the Quality tab. There are a number of other parameters as well that needs to be selected. The processed and compressed files can be downloaded from the program interface. You can even rotate and flip the file is needed.

#6. YouCompress

This online tool allows compressing MP4, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF files in quick and simple steps. You just need to add the desired files to the program interface and they will be then compressed automatically using the best parameters and without any watermark and quality issues. There is no restriction to the number of files that can be processed using the tool. Working from the browser window, the application needs no installation or registration. Compressed files can be downloaded from the interface itself.


With all popular video formats can be compressed in desired quality. The program works from your Windows or Mac browser and allows adding local files on your system. Once the file is added, you can choose the resolution from the given options. Output size, in terms of percentage to the original size video, can also be selected. The app also supports file conversion to a range of formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, and others. The MP4 file once added, uploaded and processed can be downloaded on your PC from the interface.

#8. VideoSmaller

This is an online, free MP4 compressor that needs no software download or installation and allows to compress mp4 video free. Mp4 and other popular videos are supported by the app for file compression. Maximum file size that can be added to the interface is 500MB. Once added, you can use a low compression level to achieve high-quality video. There is also an option to scale the video width as needed. The program also facilitates removing the audio from the video files to create a mute video and reduce file size. The compressed files can be downloaded from the program interface.

Part 2. Most Powerful MP4 Compressor for Windows PC and Mac

Online converters are simple tools with basic features. If you are looking for high-quality MP4 compression with advanced options, professional UniConverter is the best choice. This complete video-toolbox works on your Windows and Mac systems and allows compressing files without losing quality. More than 150 formats are supported by the tool for the process that takes place at 90X faster conversion speed.

Get the Professional MP4 Compressor:

  • Facilitates compressing MP4 files by converting it to other smaller size
  • Added MP4 videos can be reduced by editing resolution, bit rate, quality, and other parameters
  • 20 seconds of file preview helps to check the videos before final processing
  • Lossless quality compression at super fast speed
  • MP4 files can be added from PC as well as from the devices
  • Batch processing for multiple file compression is supported
  • Video editing features like cropping, trimming and others facilitates in file size reduction
  • Comes with an array of additional features like video editing, disc burning, file conversion, and others

Steps to Compress MP4 Files using UniConverter

Play Mp4 On Mac

Step 1. Run UniConverter and load MP4 files

Download, install and open iSkysoft Video Compressor on your Mac/Windows PC. Click on the '+Add Files' button on the 'Convert' tab to browse and import MP4 files from the PC. Multiple files can be added here. You can also drag and drop the files.

Optional: Edit MP4 videos

The added files can be seen on the program interface. To customize the video, choose the editing icon under the thumbnail image. A new Edit window will open from where make the changes.

Step 2. Compress added MP4 video

On the top-right corner, open drop-down menu at 'Convert all files to' option and select the target format from the Video tab. Also, choose the resolution of the file.

The added videos can be compressed one at a time by clicking the compress icon on the Target menu. From the pop-up window choose the values for file parameters related to quality, bit rate, resolution, and size. The compression rate can be selected to set the parameters automatically by moving the progress bar. Click on the 'Preview' button to check the file for 20 seconds.

To set compression settings for all added files at a time, click on the '+Create Custom' button and make needed changes. Hit on 'Create' button to confirm.

Step 3. Convert and Compress MP4 videos

Finally clicking on 'Convert All' button will start converting and compressing your added MP4 files. The files get saved on the location selected at the Output tab. You can also check the processed files from the Converted tab at the software interface. Install UniConverter for high quality professional video conversion.

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