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Everyone knows Safari right? The default browser that ships on every Mac and iOS device. The Best Free Web Browsers app downloads for Mac: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Opera Opera Opera Opera Apple Safari Torch Browser Brave Google Chrome. Download Mozilla Firefox, a free Web browser. Firefox is created by a global non-profit dedicated to putting individuals in control online. Get Firefox for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS today! Apple Safari: Best MAC Web Browser. Apple Safari is the default web browser on MAC OS X and it.

MAC OS X is the most advanced computer operating system developed by tech giant “Apple”. All of the Mac OS based computers from Apple are very expensive. But Apple’s MacBooks are worth the price you spend. You will surely get excellent performance out of your MAC OS based computer system.

Whatever task you do on your computer like gaming, web browsing, watching videos or any other day-to-day task will be done with excellent speed and productivity. Web Browsing is an important task we do on our computers. To browse internet in fast and secure way, your computer should be installed with a best web browser.

So which is the best web browser for MAC OS X? Every MAC user should know the fastest & best internet browser for his/her MAC.

Which web browser are you using on your MAC? Every computer users has different taste according to his/her needs. But there are some web browsers which are developed for performance, security and productivity.

Are you using a web browser which is fulfilling your computing need? There are some popular MAC web browser which you should try on MAC OS X.

List Of Best & Fastest MAC OS X Web Browser

1. Apple Safari : Best MAC Web Browser

Apple Safari is the default web browser on MAC OS X and it is the probably the best internet browser for MAC. In fact Safari is the default web browser on every Apple device. With it intuitive & smart user interface, you are sure to increased productivity. Its grey interface looks so beautiful.


  • Fast & Secure
  • Developed specially for the Apple devices
  • Energy efficient
  • Sandboxing for website to prevent malware
  • Works with iCloud

There are also some other useful feature included in Safari like spotlight suggestion, reader, pinned sites, airplay web video, bookmarks and more.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in world. In web browser market share, it’s the Chrome which have highest market share. Web developers working on MAC OS X should use Google Chrome. On MAC, it is the fastest web browser seen in some web browser test. You can feel the super-fast speed for Chrome only after using it.


  • Excellent speed
  • Intuitive & simple user interface
  • Rock solid security
  • Wide variety of web browser extensions available
  • Best support for HTML5

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also one of the popular & best web browser for MAC. Firefox also provide great performance. But it is best known for its awesome customization features. It also provides wide variety of add on & themes. You can give your favorite look to this web browser with themes.

You should use Firefox web browser for speed, privacy, customization and security.


  • Good speed & security
  • Excellent privacy features
  • Customization features
  • Addons & Themes

4. Opera

Opera is another excellent web browser you can use on MAC. Opera has similar features like Chrome & Safari. You will surely get speed same as Chrome as Opera integrates same Blink rendering engine used in Chrome. For slower internet connection, Opera works very intelligently to provide fast speed. Its Turbo Mode compress the web page data up to 80 percent before sending to user computer.


  • Fast Speed and Security
  • Turbo Mode for slower internet connection
  • Blink rendering engine
  • User friendly interface

5. Maxthon

Maxthon is another good web browser for your MAC. It is developed in China. It is a fully featured web browser. It is available for both MAC OS X and iOS. Some of it prominently features include Ad blocking, Maxthon Smart Accelerator, Cloud Share, Cloud Push, Maxthon Passport and many more.


  • High performance
  • Mouse gesture
  • Built-in Flash support
  • Good Security & Privacy
  • Excellent HTML 5 compatibility


So above is the list of best & fast MAC web browsers. Among all Apple Safari is the best contender among all MAC web browsers. Google Chrome and Firefox has their different features. But all of these internet browser sure to give best performance on your MAC.

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Maxthon Browser Windows 8

From waking up with an online alarm clock till sleeping while watching a web series or online movie, we know the importance of the internet in our lives. Today, the internet is pretty much as precious as fresh air for us. And one of the most commonly used interfaces for internet access would be your trusty and humble Web Browser.

Be it banking, shopping, social networking, info search, and the tool that can take you places on any of the platforms, is a web browser. One of the most valuable platforms is Mac that gives you an experience like no other when you explore it thoroughly.

The Best Fastest Browsers For macOS in 2020

1. Safari

Nothing can be as optimized and reliable as the built-in feature that makes Safari the all-time-favorite web browser for Mac. The ultimate Apple experience, Safari has been through continuous improvements and came up stronger every time with more advanced features than before.

With the latest update in mid-September 2019, Safari is an absolute free platfrom to use on Mac. The privacy and AI integration are the two factors, Apple has put the weightage on while updating the previous version. Also, Apple Pay has been fully integrated that will make the shopping checkouts quite convenient for you.

You can visit the page and get more insights aboutSafari, the in-built browser.

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2. Brave

An open-sourced and free browser for Mac, Brave is a known name among Mac users who wants to try something not in-built. Alike Opera, in order to keep the privacy & security, the company provides the service of blocking trackers and unmatched speed.

All of us are quite concerned about one thing and that is the security of data that we know, isn’t secured. The hackers or company members probably sell the data to the highest bidder and we can’t do anything. Well, not anymore. Brave blocks all the phishing and micromanaging websites that track every move of yours so that you can browse safely and freely.

Check out the most secure web browser for Mac here, Brave.

3. Chrome

I don’t think anyone would get shocked with the addition of Google Chrome, but, hey, we all have used it and we know it’s worth it. Irrespective of what the platform is, Chrome always has been a point of praise. Be it various extensions or an easy user interface, Chrome is a faster way to do just about anything.

A free platform, Chrome is undoubtedly the world’s most used and popular browser that’s been ruling the market for quite a long time. Chrome is the perfect combination of efficiency, functionality, and speed that makes it one of the best web browsers for Mac.

Download the best web browser Chromethat is simple and secure than ever.

4. Firefox

The free to use web browser for Mac gets another addition that is a power bundle if you are concerned about the data security. Apart from Chrome, Firefox is the 2nd web browser that gives a good platform to Mac users to surf around. Firefox neither spy on searches nor track your moves. As well as the company stops third-party tracking cookies.

A lot of Mac users have already declared Firefox as the best browser they have worked on (maybe because of the capacity to include 3rd party developments). Firefox also has a built-in VPN (Firefox Private Network VPN) that encrypts all your data and makes it look like a senseless code to an unauthorized reader. You can always visit the page and check out the details about Firefox VPN.

Download one of the most advanced web browsers for Mac here and explore it.

5. Opera

Similar to Firefox, Opera is also a free-to-use platform that is embedded with an in-built VPN. With more than 300 million users worldwide, Opera is one of the most secure and used web browsers that is quite compatible with Mac.

A few of the features are pop-up blocker, free VPN, fast browsing, unit converters, bookmarks that make it what it is today. Also, the web browser for Mac filters out the website with phishing & malware.

The browser tools in Opera also keep your info private and confidential than ever.

Download the most innovative feature web browser for Mac, Opera from here.

6. Edge Chromium

Initially built for Windows, now Edge Chromium is setting its footsteps on Mac as well. Edge Chromium is kind of like a successor to the Internet Explorer. You can use an Internet Explorer mode in the same browser as well as an in-built Bing search. Isn’t this amazing for older pages that lose the correct-readable-content-display with no updates.


A Free browsing platform, Edge’s been rebuilt by using the engine that powers Chrome by Microsoft and maybe that is the reason behind the name, Edge Chromium. A lot of users will find quite similarities between Chrome and Edge Chromium due to having the same power engine.

Download Edge Chromium here and explore one of the best web browsers for Mac.

7. Vivaldi

Considered as the one that gives you the control of customizing the browser’s functions as well as the overall display. If you haven’t heard about Vivaldi, we wouldn’t get shocked knowing that not a lot of users have used the browser. Once you use the browser for Mac, you will know that it’s quite a combination of all the browsers along the way.

Vivaldi uses the Chromium engine as well as has the taskbar options in the top left similar to Opera. Just because you haven’t heard about it or not used it, don’t throw it away. One of the striking features I experienced was, it lets you use split-screen in the browser only so you can work on both the tasks at the same time.

Download Vivaldi, one of the best browsers for Mac from here.

8. Puffin

Due to the trending security breaches, every browser strictly focusing on keeping your data secure than ever. Puffin is quite popular because of keeping your data secure as “in a vault”. Puffin lets you surf through the company’s own servers so that your searches are secure, and no malware can reach you.

Puffin is embedded with a lot of features including safeguarding your devices, avoiding cybersecurity threats, as well as boosting performance with the cloud rendering engine. When it comes to compatibility, the web browser for Mac is compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12 or later.

Download Puffin here and enjoy the unimaginable protection from malware.

The tool isn’t free for a lifetime but for a month. After the month is over, you can check the suitable paid plans and go for it.

Maxthon Web Browser For Mac Windows 10

9. Maxthon

With a good user interface, Maxthon is also an addition to the best web browsers for Mac in 2020. A lightweight software, Maxthon doesn’t consume much memory from the PC and keeps it optimized.

With a lot of features to keep your information secure, the browser is quite faster also. The sync feature in Maxthon lets you access the browser from anywhere in the world. Because it syncs all your bookmarks and saved pages you can access later on.

Download a bit more speedy web browser for Mac (Maxthon) here.

10. Torch

One of the browsers for Mac that comes with more features than you expect in a web browser. The Torch is a name (in web browser category) that not a lot of you heard but it’s worth trying for sure. Few of the segments Torch includes are Torch Torrent, Torch Player, Torch Music, Games, and Facelift.

Apart from letting you browse through websites, Torch gives you the liberty to share websites via social media networks. It also lets you use the built-in Torch Torrent and download content and that is amazing.

Download the most user-friendly web browser for Mac here.

Wrapping Up

Maxthon Web Browser For Mac Shortcut

There are hundreds of web browsers for Mac in the market that claims to be perfect in their own way and we aren’t denying that. We brought you the combination of speed, user-interface, update, and the most important one, privacy & security.

Maxthon Browser Portable

Go through each of them and download the one that’s suitable for your needs the most. Don’t forget to respond to us with your experiences after using the ones (above) you have never used.

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