Mac Harmony For Contouring

Shipping offer valid on orders shipped to US addresses. Free Standard Shipping and Returns. with any purchase. Upgrade to 2nd Day Shipping for $5.00 or Overnight Shipping for $10.00. Standard Shipping is always complimentary on MAC Gift Cards. How do I love thee, MAC Harmony Blush? Let me count the ways This muted rosy beige could almost pass for a brown. Considering its versatility, $20 is a bargain for this blush. You can use it as a contouring face bronzer, a warming blush or an eye crease color to give depth to different looks.

Since Prism powder blush by MAC has come into my life, I’m not quite sure what I did without it!
When it comes to contouring, this blush ticks all the boxes for me: matte, smooth and not patchy, long lasting, subtle yet buildable and compliments my skin’s pinkish undertones! I find this powder to be more effective than using a matte bronzer because the colour provides a more natural looking contour, pair this with your favourite highlighter for the tops of your cheeks and you will find that it completely lifts and sculpts your face!

Before applying Prism:

After applying Prism:

See the difference?


If you are in the market for a contour powder, or just want to try one out but are not prepared to fork out a lot of money for the more expensive options on the market, then this could be the product for you! i would recommend this particular colour for people with more of a fair skin tone but for those of you who are not quite as fair, I know that MAC Harmony blush would also work perfectly!

What products do you like to contour with?


Mac bowder blush in Harmony review and swatches :

Mac Harmony Contouring

I know, this ‘blush’ colour is quite reknowed in the beauty blogosphere as being great for contouring but I thought I would give my thoughts on it. Obviously it would depend on the skin tone but I think this works for a surprisingly wide range, for the lighter skin tones you would have to be a touch lighter with your application.

Mac Harmony For Contouring Makeup

I would say I have a medium quite yellowy skin tone and it works just brilliantly just under the cheekbones and up the temples. The best brush I’ve found for this is the aptly named contour brush by Real techniques. It’s just the right size to get into the hollow of your cheek and I’ve never had a problem with the shedding I have with my Mac brushes (RT brushes are at a fraction of the pice as well).

Mac Harmony For Contouring Brush

Mac bowder blush Harmony swatch :

I got mine as part of the Core collection real techniques came out with a while back and you can buy them here on the boots website. I think contouring is an essential part of makeup as it provides definition and shape. One i’ve always wanted to try is Nars Laguna but I’ve always been so happy with this I have just never got round to it. Please let me know what yo think if you’ve tried it!