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When it comes to editing audio on your computer there are several options out there and most of the best ones cost quite a bit of money.

If you want to produce and mix music then you might need to splash out, but if you want to establish a podcast of even do some home music recording then there are a few cheaper and even free options for you to consider.

  1. Live Loops For spontaneous composition. Live Loops is a dynamic way to create and arrange music.
  2. Music Editor Free or MEF, in short, is an intelligent yet free music editing software available for Windows and Mac platforms. The tool offers all the required editing tools for music such as cut, paste, insert, delete, silence and trim to ensure you get the perfect mix. Most Popular Software for 2016 – MAGIX.
  3. The download is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. What is Audacity? It is a powerful music editor that lets you perform all the necessary operations with audio files: record music, mix audio samples, cut and trim tracks, join several MP3s, apply effects, mute parts of a song, and much more.

Simple audio editing from other sources can definitely be done for free on some of the software below. But if you want to input your own audio, be it through microphones, live instruments or MIDI, there’ll be a specific product that suits you best.

Best free options


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Free on PC, Mac, Linux

The most well-known of the free audio editors has its reputation for a reason. Audacity manages to bring the all the building blocks of decent multitrack recording software and present it in an intuitive way, with tons more features than you’d expect hidden under the surface. It’s great for podcasting, simple music editing, and other basic audio needs.

It has been around for 20 years and remains open source, meaning it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This also means developers add new features and plug-ins all the time, so it’s not lost relevancy.

As with all audio editors it’ll work best if you have a fairly large display, but hopefully you’ll be able to afford one given Audacity is totally free. If you’re just starting out, start here. The software gets enough updates to keep it relevant for a wide range of needs.


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Free on PC, Mac, Linux

This simple and clean audio editor is a decent alternative to Audacity and is slightly faster to run.

Like Audacity it comes with a lot of effects that you can add to your recordings, and bests Audacity (and others) by being able to listen to effects changes in real time – other editors work destructively by modifying your audio files, but Ocenaudio lets you apply effects and hear them straight away.

Music Editing Program For Mac

A downside is that it doesn’t let you record several instruments and mix them as it only supports single stereo or mono files. That means its suitable for editing stereo music files or mono audio files.

Check both Ocenaudio and Audacity out to see which is the best fit for your free audio editing needs.



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Free with every Mac

The Windows vs Mac debate will rumble on for the foreseeable future but one thing the Mac has Windows beat for is the free software you get just by buying one. GarageBand is one of the best reasons to fork out for a MacBook or iMac because it is extremely capable and might well be all you need if you want to record your own music.

It comes with a slick looking interface that lets you easily multitrack instruments, whether that’s via a plugged-in instrument, ambient mic, or MIDI keyboard.

Apple also continuously adds to its massive sound effects and loops library that comes with the software meaning you can quickly build a great sounding recording without needing every instrument under the sun at your disposal.

With more advanced features such as 24-bit recording, it’s a step up from Audacity for musicians but not as fully featured as paid-for software like Apple’s own Logic Pro X or Adobe Audition.


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Free for PC, Mac, Linux

Audiotool is a music editor that differentiates itself by being an in-browser, online, cloud-based music audio editor. You can use a Chrome plug-in to access it, but otherwise the freedom to log in from any web browser on any computer is attractive if you don’t want to rely on one install on one machine.

It’s a good option if you want access to royalty free samples, which Audiotool has in spades thanks to partnerships with Loopmasters and Newloops that boasts over 250,000 of them.

The software’s modular look and feel is quite similar to GarageBand, so it makes Audiotool a good pick if you don’t have a Mac. With several virtual synthesizers and drum machines it’s an excellent audio creator as well as editor, and you can record short samples yourself to mix in with the preset instruments.

Best paid audio editors

Adobe Audition CC

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For PC or Mac

From AU$29.99 per month

Adobe Audition has a rightfully excellent reputation as the best software for audio restoration sound removal, and noise reduction but it isn’t our top choice for music editing as it lacks MIDI support, but you can record instruments directly into it.

Think of Audition like the more advanced version of Audacity: it is a great post-production tool but not the best for direct recording. Audition works best if you’ve captured audio from other sources and then need to upload and mix down a final product. This is why it’s a popular choice for TV and radio professionals.

Like Adobe’s Photoshop and other software, it might put you off that Audition is part of the company’s Creative Cloud (CC) suite, so you have to pay a fairly high monthly fee for it rather than a one-off lump sum. It means it’s a flexible way to pay for pro-level audio editing, but you might prefer to splash on Logic or Ableton and be done with it.

Logic Pro X

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Only on Mac

Free Music Editing Mac

AU$319.99 one-time payment with free updates

The gold standard for music production on Mac for most people is Logic Pro X. Unless you’re a music pro who needs compatibility with Pro Tools, Logic is the one to go for.

Compared to other pro editing software Logic has a fairly friendly learning curve, and the interface is intuitive enough that you’ll be able to get recording and editing fast. You can run it on the base iMac or even a MacBook at a push, but remember for multi-track processing of large compositions you’re going to need a powerful machine.

The software is also not bound with copy protection like rivals, so you can log in to a new Mac when you upgrade and easily redownload Logic without pesky product keys and verification.

The latest version of Logic has incredibly accomplished sampler, sequencer, and Remix plugin that lets you easier input tricky transitions. Along with algorithmic drum and reverb options as just the tip of the icerberg, Logic comes at a reasonable price considering how fully realised it is.

Avid Pro Tools

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From US$29.99 per month or $599 one-time payment with 1 year of updates

For many, Pro Tools is the best audio editor. It certainly suits large studio set ups and has become somewhat an industry standard used by hundreds of professionals worldwide and has traditionally been the software editor of choice for the music industry since its introduction.

This is down to the fact it tends to handle the recording of live instruments better than Logic Pro X. Pro Tools’ Beat Detective is one of the editor’s main advantages with the software having the ability to intelligently detect the right beat in audio tracks, which lets you easier fix timing problems across tracks.

Compared to Logic it doesn’t have as many preloaded synth and sound effects, meaning if you want them, you’ll have to pay more for third party instruments.

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Music is truly food for the soul and occupies a great part in our heart as well as shape our lives. However, creating music is not an easy task and to be fair enough, it is challenging.


This is more so if one does not have the right tools for the job. For those interested in music editing, this article will be reviewing the best music editing software, and thus it is a great resource.

Free Audio Editor

Free Audio Editor is a tool that can be used as a music editing software though it is also capable delivering much more. The software has comprehensive features, and there are versions for both Mac and Windows platform. It also comes with stunning audio effects for the creation of best music.

Free AudioVideoSoft

Free AudioVideoSoft is a music editing software that will allow you to record, enhance and share music with the world. With this software, you will be able to add any desired effect and at the same time allow burning of various music formats to CDs and other media.

Adobe Audition CC

Adobe Audition CC is a professional music editing software combined with other audio capabilities and it enables precision editing to bring the desired effect. The software offers a free trial and it is available in a number of packages, and this is dependent on the features and functionality required.


GoldWave is yet another music editing software that comes packed with experience in the music and audio industry. With this software, you will be able to play all your favorite songs, record any source from your computer supports, edit audio with all the basic commands, and analyze audio with frequency and amplitude visuals.

Other Platform

Best Music Editing Software Mac

Since music editing software’s are heavy, they are mostly designed to be stand-alone software’s and thus implies that they are platform dependent. In this case, unless a software comes with versions for a different platform, it is limited to a single platform, and this should be put into consideration when choosing.

WavePad Audio Editing Software for Windows

WavePad Audio Editing Software can also be used as a music editing software owing to its comprehensive nature. The software comes with an easy to use interface despite being a professional tool. The program is designed to run on the Windows platform, Mac, iOS, and Android thus making it cross platform.

Music Editor Free

Music Editor Free or MEF, in short, is an intelligent yet free music editing software available for Windows and Mac platforms. The tool offers all the required editing tools for music such as cut, paste, insert, delete, silence and trim to ensure you get the perfect mix.

Most Popular Software for 2016 – MAGIX

MAGIX is a leading music editing software. With this software, it is possible to digitize your audio files, edit as well as optimize music to the required level. With the cleaning lab product of this software, you are presented with 290 presets for restoring audio making it a complete workstation.

What is a Music Editing Software?

A Music Editing Software is a computer program that allows producers and other music enthusiasts to compile and record their own music. With the use of this tool, it is possible to convert an average computer into a music lab and make great music. You can also see Music Notation Software

Best Mac For Music And Video Editing

The tools generally come with the latest feature in an easy to use interface making it usable by virtually anyone. With these software’s, it is also possible to polish music files such as removing noises and lots more. You also get a means of burning the files generated and in some cases sharing.

Being in a position to create quality music is paramount in making it desirable. This being the case, the appropriate music editing software is always a great companion and an essential in delivering this. With the review of the above software’s which are actually the best in the category, you can always be assured of quality.

Music Editing App For Mac

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