Mac Driver For Wacom Intuos

Download and install driver. Restart your computer (for Windows only, and not required for Mac). To enjoy optimal creative space on your Wacom Intuos (see blue marks in the graphic at the left), ensure it is in landscape orientation while your smartphone is in portrait orientation.

The Wacom Customer Care and Technical Support Center is full of resources and video tutorials to help you get the most out of our Wacom tablet. Download Wacom Intuos Tablet Driver 6.3.38-3 (Tablets) What's new in 6.3.38 - Improvements that better allow the keyboard, mouse and your Wacom device to work together seamlessly.

Mac Driver For Wacom Intuos

Mac Drivers For Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet

All devices with Mac 10.12. All models: We fixed an issue where performing a function by holding a modifier key on your keyboard along with with any tablet input, like your pen or an ExpressKey, would not work. 291: Wacom Intuos Pro, Intuos Pro, Intuos 5, Intuos 4, Intuos: CTL-480, 490, 680, 690. CTH-480, 490, 680, 690. PTH-450, 451, 650, 651. Wacom Intuos Tablet Driver 6.3.15-2 for Mac OS. Free Trial Driver Booster 6 PRO (60% OFF when you buy) Wacom Intuos Tablet Driver 6.3.15-2 for Mac OS.

Wacom Tablet Driver Download

Improvements for a richer Wacom customer experience.

Wacom Intuos Driver For Mac

  • Users of touch-enabled pen displays can now assign modifier keys (Cmd, Opt, etc.) to On-Screen Controls and combine those modifiers with pen input, other On-Screen Controls, ExpressKeys, keyboard keystrokes and even mouse input. This makes the On-Screen Controls work like ExpressKeys.
  • Users of touch-enabled pen displays can now disable touch input, except for on the On-Screen Controls. This prevents unintended touch when using On-Screen Controls.
  • The Wacom Desktop Center now has a direct link to the Wacom ID account.
  • A new Tip-Up Assist feature helps with pixel-accurate positioning of objects (vector lines, nodes and other control points) on high resolution screens (for Pro Pen 2, Pro Pen 3D and Pro Pen Slim users).

Wacom Intuos Software Download Mac

If you need assistance enabling specific macOS Security & Privacy settings so that the Wacom driver works properly, see these instructions for details.