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s(M)exoscope WIN & MACOSX [VST VST3 AU]
Size 23 Mb

Exoscope For Macbook Pro

s(M)exoscope is an oscilloscope VST plugin. You can use it to visually monitor audio wave forms.


S(m)exoscope is an oscilloscope AU plugin for Mac OS X wich allows you to visually monitor audio waveforms.


Exoscope Mac Download

Exoscope for mac os

Available as a Standard insert effect or as a special Modular version optimized especially for modular VST hosts like Plogue Bidule or AudioMulch.
Display controls – Time (number of pixels per sample) & Amp (amplitude of the waveform in the display).
Retrigger modes – Free, Internal, Rising & Falling – with Retrigger Threshold. External mode also available in the modular version.
Options – Sync Redraw, Freeze, DC-Kill & Channel.

The s(M)exoscope also contains a tool that can be used to analyze the waveform currently in the display. Based on where you place a marker, the tool analyzes the x and y dimensions of the waveform to calculate the following:

Exoscope For Mac Os

Selection amplitude (linear).
Selection amplitude (decibels).
Selection length (in samples).
Selection length (in seconds).
Selection length (in milliseconds).
Selection frequency (assuming that the selection is one cycle in length).

Download s(M)exoscope - An oscilloscope VST plugin. The s(M)exoscope also features a tool that can be used to analyze the waveform currently in the display. Didn't see anyone else mention this here. It's been my DAW of choice for years and it has some really excellent features. There are a lot of features in 5 for notation (keyswitch lane will be a godsend for people working with Kontakt libraries), a few cute mixing and audio editing features, a bunch of changes to their stock plugins, and a live stage performance view. The coding endeavors of Armando Montanez. Now available for 64-bit macOS and Windows. 64-bit Port by Armando Montanez.

Exoscope For Macbook Air

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