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There are many alternatives to Click&Clean for Mac if you are looking to replace it. The most popular Mac alternative is CCleaner, which is free.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 100 alternatives to Click&Clean and many of them are available for Mac. Speed up your Mac. An army of maintenance tools. When your Mac stalls, free up its RAM memory in a click. Also, run Maintenance scripts to make your apps more responsive. Now, your MacBook is unstoppable. Full-scale macOS optimization. Find and disable apps that.

Trusted by millions and critically acclaimed, there’s a reason why CCleaner is the world’s favorite PC optimization tool! Easy to use, one click cleaning so beginners can optimize their computers in seconds. Plus, it's packed with advanced features for power users. How to Clean Up Mac with Umate Mac Cleaner within 1-click. Umate Mac Cleaner is a powerful MacBook cleaner with all-in-one services. It can efficiently clean up and easily optimize your Mac as compared to others which do the same but with manual operations.

Frustrated from having your Mac slowed down by useless files and applications gobbling up your memory? And have no idea on how to clean your MacBook? Then Umate Mac Cleaner is what you are looking for!

As you work on a Mac, junks, cache, log and many other useless and temporary files continue to get stored on your disks and slow down Mac performance. But when it comes to cleaning them up, it may become very difficult as a non-technical person doesn’t know many things about storage. Saving you from all this torture, Umate Mac Cleaner not only helps you in cleaning those files and freeing up memory but also gives you information on the nature and importance of those files. Umate Mac Cleaner knows exactly where to find these files and how to safely remove them with just a few clicks. Depending upon how critical is your storage, there are many different ways to clean your Mac. We will guide you through all those methods.

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How to Clean Up Mac with Umate Mac Cleaner within 1-click

Umate Mac Cleaner is a powerful MacBook cleaner with all-in-one services. It can efficiently clean up and easily optimize your Mac as compared to others which do the same but with manual operations. Depending upon the urgency, Umate Mac Cleaner performs in two different ways on how to clean Mac. After scanning your machines, it asks you for either Quick Clean or Deep Clean.

Quick Clean, as it says, it quickly cleans up your Mac with just one-click. Firstly, it scans your Mac and automatically detects all of the useless files and then deletes them 100% safely. These files include system junk (system log files, damaged login items, corrupted preferences, outdated updates, XCode junk, etc.), app junk (app cache and log files), iTunes junk (iTunes Cache and broken downloads), unwanted installation packages and items in the trash bins.

The Deep Clean feature is also available if you want in-depth cleaning of your Mac. After the general scan, you can choose for deep clean. The app will then show you other files such as iOS junk (iOS apps, iOS device backups and iOS software updates), downloaded files, unused disk images, and various large files. You can then delete them easily on your own risk as they may include your personal data as well.

Not only Quick and Deep Clean, but Umate Mac Cleaner also has many more advantages as well which will surely convince you to install it because only Umate Mac Cleaner knows how to clean up MacBook effectively and quickly:

  • 100% Safe Removal: Automatically detects and check useless files.
  • Free Up 40% Disk Space: Significantly release 40% free space for your Mac.
  • 3 times Faster: The scanning and cleaning speed is 3X faster compared to competitors.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with all versions of macOS from 10.10-10.14.
  • Extremely easy to Use:Easy steps and user-friendly interface
  • Highly recommended by Cult of Mac, Macworld, MacGeneration, etc.

You would be thinking, that’s all good? But how do I clean up my Mac? The answer is here as I will guide you through the process of installing Umate Mac Cleaner and how to use it step-by-step.

Step 1. First, install Umate Mac Cleaner and launch it.

Step 2. Hit 'Scan' button. It will then search for available junks that can be deleted.

Step 3. Umate Mac Cleaner will show you which files are safe to be cleared in the quick clean and deep clean feature. You can click the 'Clean' button to clean up all the selected junk files with just one click.

Other Possible Ways to Clean Your Mac Manually

Uninstall unneeded apps

With time, according to your usage you install many apps on your device. When there is a need of freeing up some space, you cannot find and choose which apps to be uninstalled, since they are located at many different places. Hence, they are uninstalled turn by turn.

Manage startup items

Apps which are installed on your system, for better performance allow themselves to auto-launch at system startup. These not only delay the startup time but also account for system interruptions. These apps can be turned off by going to their respective settings.

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Remove old backups

When updating your system, previous files and your personal data are secured in the form of a backup. Files of which are restored again after upgradation. Hence, the backups lying there are of no use and just occupying your disk space. These backups can be found among other windows files and can be deleted with extreme care.

Empty the trash

Files you delete are sent straight away to your systems trash bin, for future recovery when needed. But when you are sure that you don’t need them, then these must be deleted from bin as well. For this you first need to locate your trash bin and then delete only those files which you want to be removed permanently.

Delete large files

There are many old files as well in addition to large files, which use a significant amount of storage. These can contain system as well as user files. But if they are of no use, they must be deleted by locating them in disk storage.

Delete system junk and browser cache

When launching an app, system tool or website, some files are downloaded so that they all can be launched much faster in future. These types of caches must be deleted, but is difficult process since they are to be located using several commands.

The above-mentioned methods for cleaning up Mac manually can also be done by Umate Mac cleaner. You have seen how much it is difficult to remove all those caches, old, large and backup files, when it comes to manual operation. On other hand, Umate Mac Cleaner can do all these operations within just few clicks.

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Hence, I hope till now you have got the answer to your question i.e. how to clean my Mac? With amazing features and numerous advantages, Umate Mac Cleaner is definitely your best option for cleaning up MacBook. It keeps you away from all that trouble of locating files and then deleting them turn by turn. It also gives you full control over which files to get rid of and which not. So, what are you waiting for, just install the best MacBook cleaner ever!