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BinHex is short for 'binary-to-hexadecimal', and was once a commonformat to convert a file from its binary form to anASCII text file. BinHexed files take up more space than theoriginal files, but are less likely to be corrupted when transferredbetween systems, especially via older protocols. BinHex is especiallyuseful for Mac OS 9 and earlier because it combines thedata and resource forks of a file and preserves them duringtransfer.

Alternatives to BinHex CryPactor for Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to BinHex CryPactor. List updated: 4/30/2019 9:33:00 PM. WinZip can open and extract UUencoded, XXencoded, BinHex, and MIME files (base64, plain/text, and quoted-printable), and can UUencode files. This section explains the need for these features and abilities, includes instructions for using them, and shows how they. In Mac OS X, you’ll have to use Disk Utility to properly burn the image to a CD. Once you’ve got the CD, you’ll need to get a few files off of it and onto your vintage Mac OS 7.x partition. The BinHex format is also used by some programs to build Macintosh files on other platforms. That is what Flash (Macromedia) does when asked to build a Macintosh animation. In this case, the BinHex coding plays the same role than the MacBinary coding, since the 7-bit coding is technically irrelevant.


Recognizing BinHex files

Binhex format

Binhex Format

A BinHex file usually has a .hqx extension at the end ofits name. The contents of a BinHex file will show a message on thefirst line, identifying it as BinHexed, followed by many 64-characterlines made up of seemingly random letters, numbers, and punctuationmarks.


Decoding BinHex files


Binhex For Macbook Air

A number of decoders are available. For both Windows and Mac OS X,StuffIt Expander is a free program that can decode BinHex files. Also,see ARCHIVED: In Windows, how do I compress or decompress files?