Ammyy Admin For Mac

Zero-Config Remote Desktop Software Ammyy Admin. The easiest way to establish remote desktop connection. You can easily share a remote desktop or control a server over the Internet with Ammyy Admin.No matter where you are, Ammyy Admin makes it safe and easy to quickly access a remote desktop within a few seconds. Download latest version of Ammyy Admin for Windows. Safe and Virus Free.

  1. Does Ammyy Admin work with Mac OS? Answer: Ammyy Admin works only with Windows yet. I'm going to buy Premium license for 20 pc, does it mean I can use the license on any number of PCs? Answer: No, 20 is a number of computers where license can.
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  3. Ammyy Admin is a very interesting tool if we want to connect our computer remotely, but if you are not convinced you can choose any of these alternatives: SupRemo: is a program that will allow us to control a PC remotely in a simple way, without the need to configure the router / firewall.

Ammyy Admin - Frequently Asked Questions

  • +1. I have just been phoned by somebody claiming to be from Microsoft and to have detected viruses on my PC. They wanted me to install your remote desktop software on my PC and then presumably give them access.
    • Answer: Please click here.
  • +2. Can I try Ammyy Admin before purchasing?
    • Answer: Yes, you can use Free version. There are possible access limits, if software is used beyond 15 hours per last 30 days.
  • +3. We need a purchasing invoice.
    • Answer: Could you, please, fill in a request here State exact date and amount of payment as well as your license number, e-mail, your company name and address.
  • +4. I don't have your license, but I need personal technical support!
    • Answer: Ammyy will be happy to help you with our software, but having more than 75 million users we are only able to offer personal technical support to license owners or users in the purchase decision process. Thank you for your understanding!
  • +5. Can I connect to 'the client' if he has no Internet-connection?
    • Answer: This option is available in v3.0.
  • +6. I have several technical questions, I'm owner of Ammyy Admin license.
    • Answer: Please, fill in a request here. State your license number, contact information and describe you issue.
  • +7. We need Ammyy Router (Windows/Linux) and Ammyy Customizer.
    • Answer: Please, send us your license number. We'll check it and send you the software in question.
  • +8. I have bought Ammyy Admin license but my PC has broken down, how can I use Ammyy?
    • Answer: There is a free opportunity to transfer the license to other computer(s).
      Please, remove previous PC Ammyy ID and add new one at
  • +9. What OS does support Ammyy Admin?
    • Answer: Ammyy Admin is fullyy compatibile with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • +10. I've got message 'Remote Desktop is Unavailable'
    • Answer: This message means that on client side Ammyy couldn't get picture of desktop. The reason may be is not enough rights while showing special desktops (such as logon, screen-saver, UAC and so on). Solution is to run Ammyy on client side as service or as application but with administrator rights and with checked option 'Settings' -> 'Common' -> 'Run under SYSTEM account on Windows ...'
  • +11. If I download Ammyy Router will my connection speed be better?
    • Answer: The connection speed between PCs with Ammyy Router may be different: faster than with your own router or the same.
  • +12. I can't understand what license should I buy: Starter, Premium or Corporate
    • Answer: Please see a detailed license descriptions here.
  • +13. Is there any specific period for the life time license? Can I use my life time licenses in the new release?
    • Answer: Yes, we have Free auto-update, ensuring that you and your clients always run the latest version
  • +14. Does Ammyy Admin work with Mac OS?
    • Answer: Ammyy Admin works only with Windows yet.
  • +15. I'm going to buy Premium license for 20 pc, does it mean I can use the license on any number of PCs?
    • Answer: No, 20 is a number of computers where license can be activated, these exact computers will get ID codes.
  • +16. Do the prices include tax?
    • Answer: No, they don't.
  • +17. What OS can I use Ammyy Router for Linux with?
    • Answer: Any Linux, but we recommend CentOS
  • +18. How can I customize Ammyy?
    • Answer: Customizing by changing logo, icon, predefining private router and permissions, adding url to your website and so on.
  • +19. If I use my own router, what is the procedure of moving to reserved server in case of main falling?
    • Answer: The reserved server comes into action automatically.
  • +20. Avast 5 finds your software as a virus!
    • Answer: This is the anti-virus mistake. Unfortunately there is no perfect software.
  • +21. Can We use Free version for commercial use?
    • Answer: No! Free version is only for 'home' use!
  • +22. How to delete Ammyy Admin (AA) from my pc?
    • Answer: To uninstall Ammyy Admin:
      1) Run AA under admin account
      2) Then click menu item 'Ammyy'->'Service'->'Remove' or skip this step if service wasn't installed.
      3) Close AA
      4) Delete AMMYY_Admin.exe file.
  • +23. Do you have a trial version of Premium license/Ammyy Router for Windows, Linux/Ammyy Customizer?
    • Answer: No, but you can try Free version.
  • +24. 15 hours per month - does it imply time Ammyy Admin is being launched?
    • Answer: It's cumulative time of all active connections.
  • +25. How can I increase the connection speed?
    • Answer: Please, reduce the screen resolution of the remote PC; change the color quality to 'Medium' (8 bit). Remove wallpaper from the desktop. Try to use 'Direct TCP'.
  • +26. I've lost access to my e-mail where I have the license key for Ammyy Admin. I don't remember my license number. How can I restore it?
    • Answer: To restore your license, please, create a request here
      We should know exact date and amount of purchase, email (PayPal account) and transaction ID.
  • +27. We try to make online conference, but user #3 can't connect user #1. We get 'Remote user is busy by another session'. What shall we do?
    • Answer: You should open as many Ammyy applications as number of concurrent connections you are going to have.
  • +28. How can I activate my license?
    • Answer: When you purchase a license you get an e-mail with license key and instructions.
      You should activate your license here.
      1) Enter your license number.
      2) Add ID of Pc you want to activate.
  • +29. How can I access remote PC if nobody can confirm the connection on the remote side?
    • Answer: You should originally install Ammyy Admin as a service on remote PC.
  • +30. How can I install Ammyy Admin service?
    • Answer: Please, see the instructions here
  • +31. Ammyy Admin does not display network drives in the file manager.
    • Answer: Please click menu 'Ammyy'->'Settings'->'Common' and set checkbox 'Access files under current user account' on side where network drives are located.

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